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Microsoft Concludes Civil Case Against Rustock, Hands over Evidence to FBI

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. announced on Thursday that it has successfully concluded the civil case against the Rustock botnet operators - almost six months after the infamous botnet attack - one of the worsts in the IT history, was finally mitigated.

The Redmond, Washington based software powerhouse is now handing over all evidence, it gathered over the months, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the company announced. It also stated that it is hopeful to see the FBI bringing justice to the case.

The FBI, according to reports, could bring a criminal case against the perpetrators of the attack.

Earlier in March, the company collaborated with the federal agents to hunt down the Rustock botnet, which was creating havoc in not just the company but all around the world by victimising millions of users.

"We are also turning over all of the evidence we collected during discovery and our investigation to the FBI, to help ensure those responsible for operating the Rustock botnet are held accountable for their actions,” Richard Boscovich, senior attorney in Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, wrote in a blog post.