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Microsoft Denies Reports that Users Cannot Use 'Unauthorised' OS on Windows 8

Microsoft has denied all reports that warn users about the secure boot technology in UEFI firmware in Windows 8 PCs that blocks users from installing “unauthorised” operating systems such as Linux.

A new statement from the company states that all these reports, in reality, hold no ground and that users can install whatever operating software they want to run on their Windows 8 PCs, including Linux, of course.

Earlier, reports had surfaced that Microsoft was trying to push the authorities to make some changes in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware specifications, which could exclude the likes of Linux and other such unauthorised operating systems.

“This impacts both software and hardware vendors. An OS vendor cannot boot their software on a system unless it's signed with a key that's included in the system firmware,” tech blogger Matthew Garrett explained.

“A hardware vendor cannot run their hardware inside the EFI environment unless their drivers are signed with a key that's included in the system firmware,” he added.

Microsoft uploaded a blog post on Thursday stating that "complete control over the PC continues to be available" to consumers.