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Microsoft Files Patent Application for New Smartphone

A new patent application filed by Xbox and Microsoft has revealed plans to come up with a new smartphone with swappable accessories.

Microsoft, who has failed to deliver any innovative or ground breaking product lines after the launch of the original Xbox back in November 2001, could rebuild its reputation in the market if it truly implements patented technologies.

The pictures included in the patent application filed by Microsoft clearly highlight how the phone will be equipped with a wide range of removable accessories built for specific tasks. Included in the pictures is hardware that looks very much like a remote control for media devices, and then there is a picture of something that resembles a battery.

Also there is a keyboard, as well as a set of video accessories, clearly visible in the picture.

“The downside and thing that would make this not so cool is that you would need to carry all those accessories with you to be able to use them on the road,” writes Shane McGlaun of SlashGear in his report.