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Microsoft Introduces 'To Go' Service USB Connection on Windows 8 OS

Microsoft has added a new feature to Windows 8 which allows users to boot the operating system from a USB device, bringing more mobility to the work environment.

The Windows To Go service, targeted at enterprise users, allows users to access their corporate desktop environment from anywhere; be it a home PC, laptop or a shared system, using a USB device.

The user’s entire corporate desktop will be able to boot on the system, along with all the programs and files that are in there, apart from any anti-virus and information security solutions to provide a secure mobile working environment. The new feature was unveiled during Microsoft’s BUILD security conference.

Faster boot times allow IT professionals to deal with mission critical emergencies like solving a problem on a local PC. Employees who want to work from home can simply plug the USB into their home computer and access company files and software in a secure environment.

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8 platform at its BUILD developer conference. The new platform runs on both tablet PC devices and desktops. The company said the platform will also support both Intel and ARM processors, which power most of the smartphones and tablets in the marketplace.