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Mozilla Proposes ‘Slower’ Firefox Releases for Enterprises

Web browser maker Mozilla has come up with a new proposal that could see a significantly slower pace of Firefox releases for enterprises.

The move has been taken by the company after many of its corporate clients expressed their sheer displeasure over the frequent updates to the version of the browser every six weeks.

The new proposal, when and if accepted, will result in the company releasing new enterprise versions of the Firefox browser in every 30 weeks - exactly 5 times slower than the pace at which other users will be issued the updates.

Also, the new proposal will result in the company releasing only one security update in the mentioned 30 weeks period between two releases.

As of now, Mozilla discontinues security updates for a particular version as soon as a newer version of the browser hits the market.

“These proposed releases would provide organizations with additional time to certify and deploy new versions of Firefox while mitigating some of the security risks of staying on an older release," Kev Needham, Mozilla's channel manager, stated in a post on discussion a forum.