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OpenStack Releases Diablo Software to Improve Online Global Communications

OpenStack releases Diablo- the fourth generation community driven software, upgraded with about 70 enhancements and new features.

The enhancement, according to the company, will make it possible for a broader community to efficiently “deploy OpenStack clouds in production on a global scale.”

OpenStack Diablo enables users to automate, as well as control pools of storage, networking and computing resources on a global level, as well as as throughout a handful of data centers with improved scale, networking and performance abilities.

With the introduction of Diablo, development teams from a large number of member companies are also improving the project’s sub-platforms.

"With 58 million users of and growing rapidly, we need to provide our teams instant access to computing resources without heavy administrative layers. With OpenStack, our internal users can instantly provide what they need without having to wait for a system administrator," said Infrastructure Senior Engineer Alejandro Comisario of MercadoLibre, the largest online trading platform in Latin America, in a statement (opens in new tab).

"With our success running OpenStack Compute in production, we plan to roll OpenStack Diablo out more broadly across the company,” he added,