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Open Virtualization Alliance Grows to Include Over 200 Tech Companies in a Few Months

The Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) has announced that its membership has surpassed the 200 landmark, indicating an overwhelming popularity of the platform all across the globe.

Open Virtualization Alliance is a collective of tech companies, created with the vision of promoting Kernel based Virtual Machines (KVM) virtualisation platform. According to OVA, the growth of its membership is a testimony to the cause in which the organisation was first created is now shared by cloud computing companies, as well as emerging markets from all around the world.

Its been only four odd months since the OVA was founded. Funding members include HP, IBM, Intel, BMC Software, Red Hat, SUSE and Eucalyptus Systems.

Sixty-five more companies joined the organisation at the end of June. Within months the organisation has grown to include over 200 participants.

“Just like with Linux, open virtualisation offers choice, lower costs, and interoperability. Those three elements are critical to businesses of all sizes and are the biggest reason why open virtualisation is seeing such rapid and widespread adoption,” said a general manager for IBM.