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Oracle Attracts Small and Medium-Sized Businesses with New Database Applicance

Oracle launched a new hardware appliance on Wednesday to woo small and medium-sized businesses that operate on both analytic and transactional applications.

The new product, according to the company, has been built on two servers with a pair of the 6 core Intel Xeon processors in each.

Both servers are interconnected via a Gigabit Ethernet connection. Storage is usually divided between 12 TB of triple mirror SAS disk capacity - 10 drives per server as well as 292 GB flash memory, two drives per server.

The flash was built to speed up the rate in which data can be sent and received from Oracle’s bundled database software.

"With the Oracle Database Appliance, customers get the power of the world's leading database in a highly-available system from a single vendor," said Oracle senior vice president, Andrew Menelsohn in a statement, as reportedby ZDNet.

"We’ve taken the risk out of designing and deploying database infrastructures, which makes it ideal for small and mid-size companies or enterprise departments that want higher availability for their application databases," he added.