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Oracle Files Lawsuit Against Google; Claims Android Rushed to Market Among Other Things

In a lawsuit filed by Oracle against Google, the Mountain View based company had, at some point of time, pondered the idea of co-developing Android with Sun. The company even offered Sun a portion of revenue earnings from its mobile services, provided Sun agreed to make Java an open source source platform.

The lawsuit filed by Oracle also showcased how Google hurried to push Android into the market, as it allegedly feared a forthcoming domination of arch rival Microsoft in the mobile software market.

Documents filed by Oracle last month also included emails and presentations from Google executives.

Apparently, the head of the mobile division, Andy Rubin, sent an email to the company’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin back in 2006 claiming he was close to convincing Sun to turn Java into an open source platform.

Another email sent on October 2005 referred to two questions from Larry Page, including, “Open source handset solution (aka Android) is some ways away. What can we do in the meantime? Should we consider launching an MVNO (from Larry)? Other?", as reported (opens in new tab) by ComputerWorld.