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Russia, CIS Countries Hit by ‘Lurid’ Attack Claims Trend Micro

A new wave of hacking attacks has been discovered in Russia, Vietnam and Common Wealth of Independent States, it has been revealed.

According to internet security firm Trend Micro, the attack, which has dubbed the attack as ‘Lurid’ by the researchers, is targeting space oriented government, diplomatic and research organisations and companies in the above mentioned countries.

The researchers said all in all, the hackers, using malware sent via email, attacked 1,465 computers in 61 countries.

Targets received malware in their email which was designed to exploit known system vulnerabilities in order to steal information stored in spread sheets, Word documents and other files.

The stolen information was then uploaded to websites hosted on command and control centres in the United States and United Kingdom. Strangely enough, the Trend Micro report does not make a single mention of China.

“This particular campaign comprised over 300 malicious, targeted attacks, monitored by the attackers using a unique identifier embedded in the associated malware,” the company said in a blog post.

“Our analysis of the campaigns reveals that attackers targeted communities in specific geographic locations as well as campaigns that targeted specific victims. In total, the attackers used a command and control network of 15 domain names associated with the attackers and 10 active IP addresses to maintain persistent control over the 1465 victims,” it added.