Spotify integrates with Facebook in the US

Spotify has joined forced with Facebook to integrate its music streaming service into the social network, the company announced yesterday at Facebook’s f8 developer conference on Thursday.

“Spotify users who connect to Facebook listen to more music on a weekly basis. They also listen to a wider variety of music,” CEO Daniel Ek told attendees.

“We have over 400 million playlists to back that up,” Ek continued. “They’re also more engaged and more than twice as likely to pay for music.”

Elsewhere at the conference, Ek told reporters that Spotify would no longer be exclusively invite-only in the US, with users able to bypass the invite system by signing up via Facebook. Other reports quote a Spotify community manager as saying that new users with unpaid memberships would receive six months of free music.

In a blog post detailing the new venture, Ek says: “You’ll now start seeing new music posts and play buttons all over your newsfeeds. Hit a play button and the music starts. Right there. Spotify fires up to give you a new soundtrack to your social life. Check out your new Music Dashboard and your real-time ticker to discover the music that’s trending with your friends.”

The blog also contains a video explaining how the new service works: