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UK Government Decides to End NHS National Project for IT (NPfIT)

The UK government's decision to speed up the axing of the NHS National Project for IT (NPfIT) hardly surprised anyone- especially those who were following the footprints of the ill-equipped project since its inception in the 2002, always knew that it was inevitable for the project to end up in its death-bed sooner or later.

However, even now, only a little is known regarding how pulling off the plug from the NPfIT will influence the NHS trusts and the live contacts with CSC and BT. But, according to analysts, there will be considerable amount of changes under the new initiative from the government which will see a local commissioning based approach.

While the NPfIT made sure that only a handful of chosen few suppliers had their say in the market, it has been widely anticipated that the new policy will eventually give rise to a renovated look to the entire healthcare marker, and that it will be more vibrant than ever before.

“This is about opening up and giving opportunities for suppliers to deliver solutions for the NHS and for the NHS to have a better understanding of what industry can offer, rather than going to frameworks and other procurement routes," said Jon Lindberg, head of trade body Intellect's healthcare and transport programmes, ComputerWeekly (opens in new tab) reports.