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Will Facebook Join The NFC Bandwagon?

Facebook’s F8 conference started amidst huge anticipation and high expectation. The announcements to be made by the social media juggernaut, along with all the new offerings were revealed to the media beforehand - all, except for one.

According to new reports, the company is also planning to make some announcement which involves the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

NFC is a relatively new wireless technology for short-distance communication purposes. Ever since it came into existence, it has been seen as the perfect tool to bring revolutionary changes in mobile commerce.

NFC, which has already been immensely popular in Japan, allows user to make payments by simply waving their NFC enabled mobile device in front of a compatible cash register.

Though the technology is yet to be embraced fully into the European countries, the US and other regions in the world, many smartphone makers are already coming up with new devices, equipped with NFC, in an effort to cash in on this potentially game-changing technology.

“Now we're not expecting Facebook to get involved with wallet side of NFC (not yet, at least) but there could be some Facebook friending NFC tom-foolery coming down the line,” reads a report by the technology site Pocket-lint.