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Windows 8 To Rely Heavily On New Windows Live

Windows 8 will interface and integrate better with Windows Live according to Chris Jones, Microsoft's Vice President for Windows Live engineering.

In a blog post published yesterday, Jones described how Microsoft intends to enhance existing features while adding new ones to make Windows 8 the most connected Microsoft OS ever.

A key improvement will be the way Live service syncs across computers (that includes desktops, tablets, smartphones), connecting to an ID allowing you to move your profile and settings across, the same way you would do with a browser (like Google Sync).

Jones noted that more than 150,000 people had logged into Windows 8 using their Live ID, which is over a quarter of the estimated 500,000 downloads the developer preview has clocked.

Also in the pipeline are plans to give a Skydrive storage unit to each Live ID user and upgrade the likes of Mail, Calendar, Photos, Messaging and People to the new Metro Style.

He did not mention anything about Windows Movie Maker though, and did not hint of any plans for work or business users.

However, there is a service for developers who want to use the Live infrastructure, known as Live Connect, through APIs for Skydrive, Live, Messenger and Hotmail amongst others.

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