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London Applies for Unique Web Domain; London Mayor Approves

The capital city is on its way to create its own unique Web domain which it won’t have to share with any other websites, announced London’s official promotional agency, London & Partners.

The agency revealed that it is going to apply for a separate Web domain for the city. It stated that applications for the license to start a new “top level web domain” for London have to be submitted by April 2012.

The procedure and consultation thereafter might take as long as 20 months. With this move, London has become the latest amongst a number of cities who have shown interest in having an exclusive domain. Other cities that have applied for such exclusive Web domains include New York, Paris, Sydney, Rome and Berlin.

“Ownership of the dot London domain could provide tremendous opportunity to reinforce London’s position as a global centre for digital innovation, generate revenue and bring about new employment opportunities,” said digital advisor to the Mayor, Kulveer Ranger, as reported by the Telegraph.

“There is great potential for engaging with Londoners and the Mayor is interested to understand better what people think this opportunity would mean to them,” he added.