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Samsung and Apple; New Lawsuit to Be Filed in the Netherlands

There's a new twist in the never-ending war-of-patents between Samsung and Apple.

According to new reports, Samsung Electronics is going to file another lawsuit against Apple, this time in the Netherlands, with the intent to block sales of some iPad products and all 3G iPhones within the country.

Dutch website,Webwereld, claimsthat Samsung is going to ask for a recall of the two product lines from all retail stores in the country, including major outlets such as Media Markt.

Samsung, according to the report, will file the lawsuit in a court in the Hague this Monday. And it seems that the lawsuit by the Korean electronic giant will be also aimed at all Apple subsidiaries in the country that deal with sales and distribution of the disputed products.

Meanwhile, the company has disclosed that it will be turning more aggressive in the bitter war with the iPhone maker that has been going on for several months now.

Apple, in April of this year, sued Samsung, alleging it “copied” the designs of the iPad and some other products for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other Galaxy products along with a few smartphones.