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Will Amazon Announce iPad 2 Rival Kindle Tablet on September 28th

Online retail giant Amazon has called a press conference on September 28th, igniting rumours about a possible Amazon tablet to take on the Apple iPad.

The company has not confirmed its plans to enter the tablet PC market but, industry watchers are certain that the company will surely launch a tablet device.

TechCrunch writer MG Siegler recently revealed that he had seen the Amazon tablet in action and even claimed to know what it will be called. Amazon will launch a Kindle branded tablet but, it won’t come with the e-ink display.

Amazon, under the leadership of CEO Jeff Bezos, has been paving the way for its own tablet device for the past one year.

The company first launched its own Android app store to take on Google’s Android Market. Then, it dished out its own cloud based storage and music streaming service. Couple all this with the already popular Kindle eBook store and you get a nice little bunch of services to use on an Amazon Kindle branded tablet.

Many believe that the Amazon Kindle tablet will become the first true competitor to the Apple iPad, considering the already established Kindle brand name.