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Exclusive: Here Are Four Possible Apple iPhone 5 or 4GS Cases

We received pictures of these four different cases on Friday evening, pictures of what look like accessories for the next generation iPhone 5 and iPhone 4GS. We have no proof whether these are actual accessories for Apple's forthcoming smartphones but they do not look like poorly made renders.

Unfortunately, the photos sent were low resolution, but there were some fairly significant details; two of the casings had two tiny holes at the back, near the bottom of the case which could be contacts for a charging point while the two others didn't.

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This supports the belief that Apple will release two versions of the iPhone 5 (or an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4GS); as expected from genuine cases, the cut outs for the volume buttons, the speakers, the proprietary connector, the headphone socket, the Apple logo and camera lens and flash modules are where one would expect them to be.

We're puzzled though by the size of the opening for the camera lens and flash modules. On all four cases, they appear to be a tad bigger than the equivalent opening for the current iPhone 4 cases. Note also the curvature of the inside of the cases which would tend to indicate that the iPhone 5 or 4GS may end up with a different form factor.