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Possible LulzSec hacker, Cody Kretsinger, could face up to 15 years in jail - if he's found to have played a part in the shafting of Sony online.

From court documents, it has emerged that Kretsinger used a proxy server from in an attempt to hide his IP address. But rather than hide his 'ass', as its name implies, Hidemyass handed it to the Feds as soon as they came calling.

A UK company, advertises itself as a 'privacy website' offering 'Anonymous internet surfing'.

Yet on its blog it has detailed how it handed its logs over to US police investigating various Lulzsec activities. The blog says that it 'became apparent that some [Lulzsec] members were using our service. No action was taken, after all there was no evidence to suggest wrongdoing and nothing to identify which accounts with us they were using. At a later date it came as no surprise to have received a court order asking for information relating to an account associated with some or all of the above cases.

"As stated in our terms of service and privacy policy our service is not to be used for illegal activity, and as a legitimate company we will cooperate with law enforcement if we receive a court order," the company said.

Having been outed as not quite as anonymous as claimed, hidemyass says its only complies with UK law. "If a request for information is sent to us from overseas, we will not accept this request unless it is sent through the appropriate UK channels and a UK judge warrants a court order or a court summons that forces us to provide this information," it wrote un an update to the blog." We are not intimidated by the US government as some are claiming, we are simply complying with our countries (sic) legal system to avoid being potentially shut down and prosecuted ourselves."

In a later update the company blogger wrote: "Regarding censorship bypassing, some have stated it is hypocritical for us to claim we do not allow illegal activity, and then claim our service is used in some countries to bypass censorship illegally. Again we follow UK law, there isn’t a law that prohibits the use of Egyptians gaining access to blocked websites such as Twitter, even if there is one in Egypt … though there are certainly laws regarding the hacking of government and corporate systems." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.