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£569 LG 50PZ250T 50" Full HD 3D Plasma TV with Freeview HD

LG brings to you, what can be called the ultimate in 3D Plasma TVs, the 50PZ250T with a massive 50-inch screen and Full HD capability and built-in Freeview HD.

The 50-inch screen gives you an excellent visual output for all your action movies, TV soaps, etc. at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. With a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 the Plasma TV is sure to take your breath away by delivering the best in video output that is currently possible. The TV comes with a protective skin glass making sure that your plasma screen doesn’t scratch.

The LG 50PZ250T comes with Active Shutter for 3D as well as the capability of turning 2D picture to 3D. Few of the other 3D features include 3D XD Engine, 3D Picture balance, etc.

Colour Temperature settings of Cool, Medium and Warm make sure that you get visibly clear and crisp output based on the colour scheme you desire. The Intelligent Sensor adjusts the settings of the Plasma according to the surrounding ambience. Few of the other features are e-Streamer, DVB-Subtitle, Input Labelling, etc.

In terms of Audio, the LG 50PZ250T doesn’t lag behind and delivers an audio output of 10W + 10W. Audio features include Dolby Digital Decoder, Infinite Surround Sound System, 5 Audio modes, Mono/Stereo/Dual options, etc.

Read more about other features here.

The LG 50PZ250T 50" Full HD 3D Plasma TV with Freeview HD is available from Electrocentre for £569.