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AMD May Luanch Trinity APUs as Early as Q1 2012

AMD is preparing to launch its Trinity APUs sometime during the first quarter of 2012, a leaked AMD roadmap reveals.

The roadmap, which was leaked during the 3DCentre forum, claims the company plans to launch 4 Trinity APUs next year, if things go according to plan. The company has failed to provide exact details of the 4 Trinity versions.

According to an article on TechEye, the company is sticking to the same strategy it adopted for Llano.

Trinity will be based on the new Pilderiver core, which is based on the Bulldozer core. This will be the same core which will power AMD FX series. Analysts believe that Trinity will have around 10 cores, ensuring a power packed performance.

The roadmap also reveals that AMD is coming up with a new core called Steamroller which will be powering the Kavieri APU set for release in 2013. The Kaveri APU will replace Trinity in 2013 and will feature an unspecified number of cores.

The company also plans to launch the Wachita, Krishna and Hondo APU’s in 2012 and the Kabini and Samara APUs in 2013.