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AMD preps Trinity for Q1 2012

Chip shop AMD is preparing a replacement for its fused Llano part -Trinity - which may arrive in the first quarter of 2012, if roadmaps on a forum at 3DCentre forum is to be believed.

The APU rudemap suggests there will be four main Trinity SKUs, although shurely there should be three. If AMD manages to keep on schedule - you never know! - production samples of the chip based on an enhanced Bulldozer core named Pilderiver could be knocking about by the end of this year.

Trinity could feature up to ten cores so there's plenty of scope within the four models shown to place those that emerge from the production process with a few not pulling their weight.

A further updated core - Steamroller- is shown forming the heart of a Kavieri APU, scheduled for 2013.

AMD is aiming to fit the updated chips within the same Llano power 'envelope', using the same socket - it's a bit of a tick-tock strategy in all but name. Also figuring in the equation is an updated graphics engine dubbed 'London'

Bobcat remains in the low power segment in Krishna and Hondo flavours before being replaced with a Jaguar core in the Samara APU, scheduled for 2013.