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Apple Patent Filing Hints at Universal Power Adapter, Data/Charge Cable

Cupertino based technology giant Apple Inc. is planning to introduce a brand new all-in-one power and data cable for Mac and iPhone product lines.

The move, according to the company, will enable users to transfer files as well as to charge these devices using the same cable between devices like iPhones and iMacs.

The intentions of the iPhone maker to create this all-in-one power and data cable came in to light following the media got its hands over a patent application filed by the company in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

According to a report by the technology site AppleInsider, the new technology, referred to as the "Power Adapters for Powering and/or Charging Peripheral Devices," in the patent application, was initially proposed a decade back in 2001. It also states that one of the inventors of the new technology was Tony Fadell, the former chief of its iPod division.

"It would be desirable to remove the total number of connections made to a peripheral device so as to reduce the number of connectors and cables needed to operate the peripheral device," the filing reads, AppleInsider reports.