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Cicso Study Finds Young People Value Internet the Same as Food, Air, Water and Shelter

A new study reveales that younger generations consider the Internet to be as essential as air, food, water and shelter!

The study, conducted by Cisco Systems, said its primary goal was to find out the importance of the World Wide Web in the lives of younger generations.

According to the study, one in every three young professionals and college students would categorise the Internet as one of the most essential things in life - in fact as important as basic needs such as food, water, air and shelter. However, the figure was substantially higher with the younger population in countries like India where 95 percent of the participants surveyed labelled the Internet as one of their most fundamental needs.

Cisco surveyed youngsters from 14 different countries all around the world.

Meanwhile, 27 percent of the respondents also claim that staying updated in social media sites, Facebbook in particular, was far more important than dating, hanging out with friends, or even listening to music.

Ninety-one percent of college students and 73 percent of professionals admitted to having a Facebook user account.