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Corporate Green Initiatives and Sustainability on the Decline Around the Globe

An ICT Sustainability survey has revealed that organisations around the world are still immature when it comes to using power saving green technologies.

The second ICT Sustainability: The Global Benchmark Report, released by ICT solutions provider Fujitsu, conducted online surveys of CIOs and ICT managers working in large organisations using IT.

The survey, which received more than 1,000 responses to its 80 questions, questioned IT professionals in 7 countries including Australia, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, The United Kingdom (UK) and the US.

Fujitsu reported a ‘lack of maturity’ in ICT Sustainability, with the index dropping across all countries and all industries, indicating that industries are losing their focus on ICT energy efficiency.

“Not only is there a relative lack of maturity in ICT Sustainability policies, practices and technologies, but the overall Index has declined slightly from 2010, indicating that some of the buzz has gone from Green ICT,” said Fujitsu's Global Executive Director Sustainability, Alison Rowe.

"Many organisations have reached a plateau with ICT Sustainability. They may have tackled the easy initiatives, such as PC power management or telecommuting, but the problem is that even these have declined in performance,” she added.