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Kaspersky Introduces Multi-Device Security Solution for Android-Based Devices

Russian security software maker Kaspersky has unveiled the Kaspersky One multi-device security solution which provides protection for PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet.

The software, to be launched on October 17, provides multi-device security from a single license and console.

Kaspersky says the users will be able to run the software on multiple combinations of devices including one desktop, two laptops, and two smartphones, two tablets, two smartphones, and a Mac and two laptops, two smartphones, and one tablet.

Sadly, iPad users have been ignored by Kaspersky as the security solution only supports Anrdroid-based tablet devices. Even the iPhone is not supported despite the fact that it supports Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry OS.

“In today's world it's vital to ensure your digital devices are secure against cybercrime. Now, with Kaspersky ONE Universal Security, you can easily protect them with one, simple solution from the market leader you can trust,” said CEO and co-founder Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky.

“And as new devices come on the market, we'll be there to secure them too. Kaspersky ONE is built for the way you live -- to ensure you're always safe,” he added.