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Meg Whitman May or May Not Save WebOS

The news of Leo Apotheker’s exit from Hewlett-Packard and his replacement by Meg Whitman as the new chief executive brought some much needed hope and relief for WebOS fans all around the world.

But seems like all those hopes were just fragile as Whitman is likely to focus more on HP’s PC business and undoing all the wrongdoings committed by Apotheker.

So, all in all, its almost fair to assume that WebOS is likely to continue to suffer for a longer period - and so will its users.

“Carriers and developers want a solid, predictable partnership from their OEMs and platform vendors, and I don't think HP can repair those relationships,” claims Sascha Segan of the PC Mag as noted in his report.

Meanwhile, there have been reports in the past few days about HP planning to sell the WebOS, which is in many ways, quite possible considering the company’s lack of ability to maintain profitability within the division. One possible interested party has been South Korea based Galaxy maker, Samsung Electronics.