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Microsoft Accused of Collecting Geo-Location Data Unbeknownst to Windows Phone 7 Users

Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone 7 has been tracking and collecting location based data without notifying the user.

Worse even, the lawsuit filed against the company states that the WP7 device(s) in question were collecting and sending geo-location data to its servers even after users had declined authorisation to indulge in such practice.

Similar accusations were brought against other two big names in the smartphone market - Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. The intensity of the controversy at the time was so high that both Google and Apple eventually had to offer assurances that no such activities would continue in the future.

According to the lawsuit filed against the Windows maker, geo-location data are sent to, a Microsoft service. Microsoft denied the charges during the initial phases of the trial.

According to the Windows Phone 7 jailbreaker Rafael Rivera, the collected location based data, which he described as “pin point accurate” are sent to and

If Rivera’s findings are fount to be correct, the lawsuit against the technology giant will be strengthened further, thus making it tougher for the company to deflect the charges.