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Microsoft Xbox Games Coming to Smartphones Soon

Software giant Microsoft is planning to offer Xbox 360 games for smartphone devices as social and mobile gaming threaten to eat into the traditional console gaming market.

According to Market Watch, the company plans to launch the online gaming service for smartphone, most probably Windows Phone 7 devices, sometime early next year.

Apart from offering old Xbox 360 games, the platform will feature new gaming titles exclusively designed for smartphones and tablet devices, which will be based on its recently unveiled Windows 8 operating system. Users will also be able to access additional content like movies and other digital content.

Microsoft is also planning to create tie-ins that will enable users to continue playing their Xbox 360 games on their smartphones and tablets when they move around. The smartphone will also be able to double up as an Xbox 360 controller.

Microsoft’s plans of integrating Xbox with Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 have been speculated for a while, and now, it seems that the company is ready to use the popularity of its gaming platform to boost the popularity of its smartphone and desktop operating system platforms.