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Motorola To Sell New Laptop Dock With Atrix 2 Smartphone

Motorola will sell a new laptop dock (or lapdock) with its forthcoming Motorola Atrix 2 handset; the Lapdock 100 will also be compatible with the previous Atrix.

According to thisismynext (opens in new tab), the new accessory will replace the old dock altogether and come with a slightly tilted keyboard, which should make typing slightly more comfortable.

The screen size has been cut from 11.6 inches to 10.1 inches which means that the device will be slightly lighter (and hopefully cheaper).

The new lapdock also connects to the phone using a traditional, unsexy cable rather than either wirelessly or through a connector like the original Atrix.

Expect it to be compatible with other Motorola handsets as well, starting with the yet-to-be-announced Droid Razr which is apparently in the pipeline.

There has been no news about when the Atrix 2 and its dock will be released, at what price and whether it will be available in the UK (which is very likely). We suspect though that we won't have to wait for the next CES to check this one out.

The Atrix 2 will be an evolution of the original Atrix with a different SoC, slightly different screen technology and a radically different design.

Désiré Athow

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