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Nokia’s Sea Ray May Get Delayed

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is optimistic about the release of first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device, code-named Sea Ray, by the end of this year but some sources claim that the launch will be delayed to early 2012.

Nokia is currently transitioning from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 as its primary platform amidst drop in its share in the smartphone market.

The Street, citing unnamed sources, informed that the device will be launched in 2012, not the end-2011 that Nokia has been claiming.

On the other hand, top Nokia executives are clinging to their claims, that the device will be launched in time for the Holiday season or by the end of 2011 but not in 2012.

“As we stated previously, we have increased confidence we will ship our first Windows Phone product this year,” Nokia spokesperson Doug Dawson told CNBC.

Microsoft has announced that the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update will be dished out within the next two weeks, giving rise to rumours that Nokia might launch the Sea Ray somewhere around that time.

Recently, Microsoft fired a software engineer after he tweeted about Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone device, informing that the device would do well with a bigger screen.