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NYC copper pepper sprays Wall St protestors

The on-going 'Occupy Wall Street' protest has stirred up a bit of controversy over police tactics used on the streets of New York City.

While swindling bankers are kept in Champagne and bagels with government bail-outs that - surprise, surprise - have crippled western economies, yet remain unpunished, those outraged at such abuse of their taxes are doing their best to make their voices heard.

The Occupy Wall Street campaign - supported by headless hackers Anonymous - is one attempt to get corrupt politicians to take notice. Being the stormtroopers of the State, coppers take a different view, however and have been kettling protesters into tight areas and giving them a good kicking.

In the latest example, captured on Youtube, a friendly neighbourhood copper wanders up to a bunch of roped in protesting women and unloads a gas canister in their faces.

According to the New York Times, chief police spokesman, Paul Browne, said the policeman used pepper spray "appropriately."

We've embedded the video below. There's more here.