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£322.49 Zoostorm Intel Core i3 Desktop Tower with 2TB HDD & 8GB RAM

If you are looking for a desktop tower to replace your old one and want something that is very powerful in terms of processing and storage, then look no further as Zoostorm has come up with an excellent Desktop system with massive computing power and at an affordable rate.

The Zoostorm desktop is powered by the Intel Core i3 Processor at 3.1 GHz. Fitted with an enormous 8GB of RAM, the desktop would deliver almost blazing fast processing of your data and would cater to almost any of your multitasking demands. Open as many resource hungry applications as you want and this desktop won’t let you down.

Do you think this this is enough? Well then the hard drive would take your breath away. The desktop is equipped with an enormous 2TB hard drive enabling you to store as much data as you can think of and still not run out of space.

In terms of connectivity, the desktop comes with 6 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI port and Ethernet port. The desktop is pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. The desktop comes with a keyboard and a mouse, but doesn’t include any monitor/display.

The Zoostorm Intel Core i3 Desktop Tower with 2TB HDD & 8 GB RAM is available from eBay for £322.49.