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Amazon 7-inch Tablet Is RIM Playbook Twin Claims Tech Website

The soon to be released Amazon Hollywood tablet, a device with a 7-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen, is apparently based on the RIM Blackberry PlayBook which was launched last year, according to US-based website

According to sources close to the project, Amazon's own Kindle group, known as Lab 126, decided to opt out of the development of an Android tablet and focus instead on the company's next generation E-Ink readers.

Amazon turned to Quanta, who helped developed the PlayBook from ground up, from the design itself to the production and any tweaks in between.

The Hollywood was therefore spawned; however to keep prices down, there will be some major changes including: a slower SoC - an OMAP3 instead of an OMAP 4, possibly less onboard storage and other corner cuts (no cameras, no GPS etc).

One of the reasons why Amazon went for a Playbook design was apparently because they wanted to get the tablet out of the door in time for the holiday season, which is traditionally the busiest period of the year. Amazon will be holding an event tomorrow where their Android tablet is expected to be unveiled.

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