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Apple's Patent Application Rejected by USPTO; Other Companies May Use the Phrase 'Multi-Touch'

Apple Inc.'s new patent application filed with the United States patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been rejected.

The patent filing by the company, which demanded an exclusive right for the iPhone maker over the phrase “multi-touch”, apparently failed to convince the authorities in the USPTO.

Apple placed its demand in front of the patent watchdog by stating that: "A new technology called multi-touch, which responds to multiple inputs by multiple fingers - even multiple users - at the same time," according to a report (opens in new tab) by The Inquirer.

The USPTO dismissed Apple’s plea for exclusive rights to the phrase saying that the filing by the firm did not have enough merit to win the judgement in its favor.

“Applicant's evidence pertaining to the success, sales volumes and, to a limited extent, advertising expenditures of the Iphone, is not helpful in establishing that the purchasing public associates the term multi-touch with applicant," the USPTO announced in its ruling, according to The Inquirer report.

With this ruling, the USPTO has made sure that other companies can also use the phrase “multi-touch” in their products or technologies, without requiring to pay any royalty fee to Apple.