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Exclusive: Three Ups Ante With £8.11 All You Can Eat Data Package

Three announced this morning that all its pay monthly customers would be offered the option of upgrading their contracts to include unlimited all you can eat internet for as little as £3 per month (on top of their existing package).

Now we've received confirmation from Three's PR department that (a) the offer is available on SIM only packages (b) the offer is available on 30 day contracts.

What does that mean? Well for a start, as long as you don't use your phone as a modem or use the SIM in a broadband dongle, it's pretty much "carte-blanche" for users; from voice over IP, streaming video and audio content or even mobile P2P, customers will be free to do whatever they want.

The most interesting of them is the 30-day SIM only Internet which already offers 2GB with free voicemail at £5.11 per month. Update it to unlimited data consumption and you pay a mere £8.11 per month, that's under £100 per year.

It means that you could plug the SIM into an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and use it both as a tablet and as a phone. Even better, get that SIM into a Motorola Atrix and you will be able to use it with the Lapdock as a laptop.