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Facebook to Fix Privacy Bug on the Social Networking Platform

Facebook has promised to fix a major privacy bug on its platform, which allowed the company to track of users’ browsing activities even after they had logged out of the platform.

Australia based security consultant Nik Cubrilovic discovered that the website continued tracking a user’s browsing activities even after loging out of the platform, sparking a major privacy argument.

Now, according to an article on The Australian, the blogger has revealed that Facebook engineers had promised to fix the bug in 24 hours by the end of a 40 minute long conference call he had with the company’s engineers.

“They're sending the information to their servers, even when they (users)are logged out. It's a question of what they do with it. They may not do [anything] with it now, but in two years' time, they might introduce a new feature that accesses it," the blogger had wrote in his explosive blog post.

Before this, the social networking company which has more than 750 million users, had denied claims made by Cubrilovic, saying that the company does not track people’s online activities after they log out.