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Info-Tech Research Group Calls Software Vendors Sophos and Trend-Micro 'Champions'

The Info-Tech Research Group has named Trend Micro and Sophos as ‘champions’ in its recent Endpoint Anti-Malware Vendor Landscape report.

In the constantly evolving malware threat landscape, end-point anti-malware security solutions provided by these two software vendors provide adequate protection against malware.

"Malware threats continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, as does the sheer volume of different malware types that exist," said lead research analyst, Info-Tech Research Group, James Quin.

"To keep up with the onslaught, Anti-Malware vendors must continue to innovate and bring new products with capabilities to the field. Simple signature-based scanners are no longer close to sufficient," he added.

The report named Sophos as Champion in the Vendor Landscape as it maintains a commendable balance between product strength and vendor capabilities. The security software maker has also been awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ by the Info-Tech Research Group.

The research group also said that business users should not ‘cut corners’ when it comes to protecting their systems with end-point anti-malware security solutions. Meanwhile, the group also reported that Kaspersky had the best overall value for money offerings for those who run on a tight budget.