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Jailbreaker Gives iOS Devices a Mac OS X Lion Theme Makeover

A new theme has been unveiled by an iOS jailbreaker, which turns the interface of an iOS powered devices such as the iPhone and the iPod Touch, to that of the Mac OS X Lion.

Apparently, the new theme, dubbed ‘Ultimatum’, is the brain child of an iOS hacker Timothy Elliot who was not happy with the available themes floating around in the digital sphere for jailbroken iOS devices - so he made his very own!

The new theme is a perfect replication of the OS X Lion desktop and it is compatible with all iOS powered devices.

“This is the theme everyone has been looking for since the iPhone was first announced: a mobile version of OS X. OS X Lion Ultimatum is, quite simply, the most accurate, best looking, and easiest to use OS X port,” a forum post by Elliot on read.

“OS X Lion Ultimatum finally brings the complete Mac operating interface into the palm of your hand,” he added.

Steps have also been provided to apply the mod. But, as is the case with all iOS device jailbreaks, users were warned by Elliot that the jailbreak must be performed by users if they knew what they were doing and should proceed at their own risk.