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New Mac Trojan Posing as Adobe Flash Installer Uncovered

Security researchers have discovered a new type of Mac Trojan which is masquerading as an installer for Adobe’s Flash platform.

Malware for Mac are very rare so every new malware for Apple’s platform incurs a lot of scrutiny from researchers.

The malware in question, which disguises itself as an installer for Adobe Flash Player plug-in for web browsers has not been able spread very fast as of now.

Security experts report that the Trojan is being spread from websites laden with malicious content. Unsuspecting users, when they visit the malicious website, are asked to download the Flash player installer. Instead of taking them to Adobe’s website, the rogue link installs the Trojan on their systems.

The malicious Trojan installer is capable of disabling network security software and even deletes the source file after the Trojan has been installed. Once installed, the Trojan is capable of injecting malicious code into apps that are started by the user and makes them do their bidding.

“Users should not download a Flash Player installer from any site other than Mac OS X Lion does not include Flash Player, but users who wish to install this software should visit Adobe’s website,” Mac security software maker Intego advised.