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Nokia ships Meego-flavoured N9 phone

Nokia said its N9 MeeGo-powered smartphone has begun winging its way to the shops.

Ilari Nurmi, vice president of marketing at Nokia reckons: "With the innovations in industrial design, user interface, and the Qt developer experience, the Nokia N9 sets the bar for how natural technology can feel, and represents the first in a number of products from Nokia that will be brought to life in similar fashion."

It'll be interesting to see how users take to the device, which has been hailed by many as pretty, but which runs the MeeGo OS. MeeGo's pry much a lame duck since Microsoft got its hooks in Nokia and fellow Meego sponsor Intel shied away from the open source project.

A rabid market reaction could change all that but at a price that Nokia thinks will be around EUR 480 for a 16GB model we rather think the reaction will be closer to that you might have when faced with a rabid pooch.

Nokia is making a big deal of the N9s user interface which is controlled with a 'swipe'. It reckons its three 'home views - Applications, Events and Live Applications - will "enable people to navigate through the smartphone easily and get to their favourite content faster". It could also confuse.

The phone has the usual social networking apps, a fancy 8-megapixel camera. Streaming music and a sat-nav replacement function "in more than 50 languages."

The meatier 64GB N9 is likely to cost around EUR 560, plus taxes.