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Oracle Launches SPARC T4 Processor; Competes with HP and IBM

Oracle has announced the launch of the SPARC T4 - the largest ever generational performance increase in the entire history of processors, according to the company.

Apparently, it seems that Oracle is of the opinion that the new product is capable of earning a valuable position over arch rivals Hewlett-Packard and IBM.

Oracle also claims that in comparison to IBM’s Power 780, its SPARC T4 server is capable of delivering a 2.4 times better performance per socket. And when it came to making comparisons with HP’s Superdome 2 with 16 Itanium processors, the company bragged that the T4 will provide users with 5.7 times better performance per socket.

“The new Sparc T4 design illustrates the ongoing struggle of processor designers to balance single-thread performance versus throughput on highly threaded code," Linley Group analyst Bob Wheeler, said, according to a report (opens in new tab) by CNet.

"Reversing Sun's prior direction of increasing the number of threads per processor, Sparc T4 instead prioritises greater single-thread performance over throughput,” he added.

Oracle further claims that the Solaris running servers were also able to beat a “world record in Java applications.”