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Spotify Clarifies Facebook ID Requirement Move

Spotify’s joining forces with the social media giant Facebook, and the subsequent steps taken by both the companies may eventually lead to the former losing many of its existing fans, according to new reports.

The massively popular online music streaming services, which recently launched its services in the U.S with the hope of repeating all the success it had managed to bag in Europe, has announced that users can access its services only if they have a user-profile in Facebook.

Needless to say, the decision of Spotify to stake its own future with such a, what many termed as a bizarre move, has attracted some rather furious feedback from angry users.

Spotify, meanwhile perhaps taken aback to some extent from the initial negative responses, issued two statements defending its position.

“As most of our users are already social and have already connected to Facebook, it seemed logical to integrate Spotify and Facebook logins,” one of the messages from Spotify read, according to this New York Times blog.

Meanwhile a Facebook spokesperson expressed his company’s opinion by saying: “Spotify chose to provide a social music experience to all of its users so it’s easy to discover music with friends from the get-go”.