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ZTE To Take On iPad 2 Followup With Windows 8 Tablet

ZTE's director of mobile device operations has confirmed that the Chinese company is working on a Windows 8 device set to be launched next year, although he declined to divulge any other specific information.

Speaking to the Inquirer, he said that Windows 8 was "certainly on the horizon, it's in the pipeline, it is part of the roadmap" and that ZTE will be launching up to 30 smartphones by the end of the year including a number of Windows phone handsets like the ZTE Tania.

Tablet-wise, ZTE already has the 7-inch Light 2 and the 10-inch Light 10, in the pipeline; both devices have noteworthy selling points.

The Light 2 is the first tablet to get the colour Pixel Qi screen which can be viewed in bright light conditions, while the Light 10 has a DVB-T tuner. It is perfectly reasonable to think that the bigger of the two tablets will be able to support Windows 8 on ARM.

A raft of tablets running on Microsoft's latest operating system are expected to be released at CES in Las Vegas and at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year. Three non x86 silicon partners: Qualcomm, TI & Nvidia have been selected with others likely to be included later next year.