Zynga Releases Cityville on Google + Social Media Platform

Zynga has launched its immensely popular Facebook game, Cityville, on Google’s Google + social networking platform.

The company said in a blog postthat it was in love with Google +, having launched Zynga Poker on the platform a while ago.

“It’s no secret we’re big fans of Google+ here at Zynga. Last month, we announced that we partnered with Google to bring Zynga Poker to Google+, and today we’re excited to add CityVille+ to the new game platform,” Zynga said.

“CityVille grew to become our largest game on Facebook, so naturally we wanted to “build” a presence for it on Google+. Ultimately, we want to make our games accessible to everyone, everywhere – no matter where they play or what platform they play on,” the company, which is planning to launch its own IPO, added.

Zynga owes its immense growth to the rise of social networking platform Facebook and is now looking to expand beyond the platform in order to grow further.

The company’s games are among the post popular app on Facebook, having more than 232 million daily active users with Cityville alone accounting for 14 million daily active users on Facebook.