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£189.99 Extra Value Intel Pentium DC E5800 3.2GHz 1TB HDD Desktop Tower

The Extra Value Desktop is definitely a good buy for all those who are looking for a replacement towards their old worn out desktop tower. Aptly suitable for home requirements, small office users may also opt for this desktop tower as the specifications will very well service the normal day to day computing needs of any office space as well.

Powered by the Pentium DC E5800 Processor at 3.2 GHz, the Extra Value desktop is bound to deliver superb performance and like a feather on the crown, the onboard 4GB RAM, which is expandable to 8GB, complements the processor in every way possible and makes multitasking ‘a walk in the park’. The massive RAM enables you to execute multiple resource hungry applications.

The Extra Value desktop doesn’t lag behind in the storage department as it is equipped with an enormous 1TB hard drive allowing you to store all your digital content with ease. The DVD writer that is included lets you burn excess data onto DVDs and thus lets you free storage space on your HDD.

If we talk about connectivity, the tower is more or less equipped with almost all connectivity ports i.e. Audio jacks, keyboard and mouse port, serial port, USB ports, Ethernet ports and VGA port. Keyboard and mouse are not included with the desktop.

Extra Value Intel Pentium DC E5800 3.2GHz 1TB HDD Desktop Tower is available from ebuyer for £189.99.