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£49.99 Grundig GUD1600TS1G Pause/Rewind Set Top Box

The Grundig GUD1600TS1G Set Top Box can be considered a more or less entry level Set Top Box that does feature a couple of advanced capabilities that are found in advanced systems only.

The GUD1600TS1G is capable of pausing and rewinding live TV making sure that you don’t miss out on any action from your favourite action movie or TV shows, etc. The pause and rewind is made possible by the 1GB onboard flash memory that allows the set top box to store a good amount of data, enough for your viewing needs.

The set top box receives all the Freeview Digital TV and Radio Channels thus allowing you to enjoy TV shows and movies even if you don’t have any paid cable or satellite connection. The 7-day electronic program guide would help you to plan your viewing a week in advance.

Two SCART sockets would enable you to connect your TV and an extra SCART enabled multimedia device. The SCART leads are not included with the package but, the package does include a remote control.

Black design of the GUD1600TS1G makes it stand out from the rest and it would fit just perfectly with any TV. The set top box comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Grundig GUD1600TS1G Pause/Rewind Set Top Box is available from Sainsbury’s for £49.99.