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£49.99 TVONICS DTR-500Z Freeview 500Gb Digital TV Recorder

Digital TV recorders are becoming increasingly popular because of the advanced technologies they come with and because of their ability to pause live TV, record shows, movies, etc. while you are watching something else enabling you to catch up on missed out shows.

One such recorder is from TVONICS i.e. the DTR-500Z that combines massive storage space and Freeview capabilities to cater to your Television viewing needs at a fraction of the cost of other TV recorders in the market.

The TVONOICS DTR-500Z is equipped with 500GB of storage space that would let you store scores of movies and TV shows while you are working away or watching a different show/movie. You can pause live TV as well.

Freeview capability on the recorder ensures that you can have Picture in Picture capability allowing you to record one channel while you are watching another. The one touch record option enables easy recording of an entire show without any complex setup.

In regards to connectivity, the recorder has SCART and RF leaders. Unfortunately, this recorder doesn’t come with HDMI connectivity option. The TVONICS DTR-500Z is very compact in design, is very quiet while in operation and comes with Energy Savings Trust approval.

The TVONICS DTR-500Z Freeview 500Gb Digital TV Recorder is available on eBay for £49.99.