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Did Apple Lose Another iPhone 5 In China?

Do you remember recent reports of an iPhone 5 being lost in the US? Rumour has it that Apple may now have lost an iPhone 5 prototype in the Chinese district of Shenzhen, according to a news report emanating from a tech website based in China.

M.I.C. Gadget reveals that the device has only gone missing "recently", but it seems to have fallen into the right hands, given that Asian manufacturers have gone into overdrive and delivered an astonishing number of iPhone 5 cases with a teardrop design in a short period.

The iPhone 5 was hidden in an iPhone 4-like case in order not to attract any unwanted attention which makes it both wider, taller and heavier than the actual iPhone 4.

The news website mentions that the case contained what is though to be a finalised iPhone 5 chassis which housed "slightly modified iPhone 4 electronics", an A4 SoC and "the same amount of memory" which we assume is system memory.

It is likely that Apple will come up with two different iPhones next Tuesday, one which will replace the current iPhone 4 range at the lower end of the spectrum (as with the 3GS), plus the new mainstream model which will almost certainly come with 1GB RAM, an A5 SoC and an eight megapixel camera.