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European Commission Seeks 10000 Volunteers for EU Broadband Test

The European Commission is looking for 10,000 volunteers in order to map the state of broadband across the continent.

According to BBC News, the EC has hired measurement firm SamKnows to carry out the study, results of which will be released once it is completed.

The study is aimed at understanding the current situation of broadband in European Commission member states and to determine the average speeds people are getting in Europe.

In order to conduct the study, the European Commission is looking for 10,000 volunteers, who will receive a small device called the white box that they will have to plug into their home internet connection.

The EC said that when the connection is not in use, the white box will analyse the speeds of the connection and measure the performance of the network.

“We are working to provide ISPs, regulators and, most importantly, consumers with the information they need to push for improved broadband services,” said SamKnows chief executive Alex Salter.

“The people who volunteer to take part will not only get access to our technology for free, but will be champions for better broadband across Europe as they help us to develop a picture of connectivity across Europe,” he added.